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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sonny Landreth & Girard Petite Sirah

Sonny Landreth, born 2/1/51 in Canton Mississippi, is one of my favorite slide guitarists, and I dare say he’s one of the best in the genre. I love the way he frets chords and chord fragments behind the slide. His right hand technique employs a flat thumb pick that allows him to pick a melody line while using his fingers for his slide technique. Notice he also uses all of his fingers to pick. The pinky doesn’t get left behind. He’s got a new album out called Elemental journey on which he’s joined by Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani for a couple of numbers. Satriani’s solo on Gaia Tribe is ferocious. Don’t miss the modified G3 band with Satriani and Davy Knowles, the later a real up and coming blues man. His duet with Eric Johnson on Milky Way Home is also very nice. All around one of the best. Enjoy!

Milky way home (with Eric Johnson):
Goin Down with Satriani and Davy Knowles:

Listening to Landreth’s slide guitar conjures up images of sittin on porch in the hot and steamy Louisiana bayou where he lives, sippin rot-gut whiskey. Unfortunately, I don’t like whiskey, so instead I suggest a bottle of the 2011 Girard Petite Sirah ($18.00 at CostCo).  Let this one breath for about a half hour to an hour before you drink it as it’ll really open up. The wine is dark purple with aromas of berries and peppery spice. The taste is full of black raspberries, dark plums, and chocolate. Finishes like a Sacher torte (for those of you who’ve never tasted one, it’s full of dark chocolate and raspberry jam). It’s a wine to stand up to the slide guitar and blues of Sonny.


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