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Monday, October 7, 2013

Davy Knowles & Castle Rock Pinot Noir

Davy Knowles (born 1987) is one of my favorite young blues guitarist and singers with a voice that sound like he’s a lot older than his is. His band, Back Door slam was  a great blues/rock band, but now he works as a solo artist. With Back Door Slam, he played lead guitar and sang on their debut album, Roll Away. Knowles drew his musical influences from blues musicians that he grew up listening to such as Mark Knopfler, Peter Green, and Eric Clapton. In April 2009, Knowles toured with Jeff Beck on his American tour as the opening act. He also toured with Joe Satriani in a modified G3 tour with Sonny Landreth and later with Chickenfoot in the United States through December 2009. He’s only twenty-nine, but in my opinion he’s one of the best up-and-coming young blues guitarists on the scene today. Hope you enjoy his music.

It’s what you’re made of:
Acoustic Lift up every stone & Riverbed:

Tonight, I’m pairing Davy with a 2009 Castle Rock Pinot Noir ($10.00).  Castle Rock Winery makes high quality wines at affordable prices and they have become one of the fastest growing wineries in the industry. You can always find this wine for 10 dollars or less and I have even seen it on sale for closer to seven. The Castle Rock Mendocino Pinot Noir gets its grapes from Northern California, a prime growing region for the finicky Pinot Noir where the climate matches that of the Burgundy region of France. The wine is delicate yet complex with a silky long-lasting taste of black cherries, strawberry, and raspberry. It starts out with a perfumed floral aroma of roses complimented by brambly fruit and cherries. The entrance is full of bright cherries and strawberries lingering through the mid palate to dry, silky tannins and a dark fruit finish. It’s a perfect wine to compliment Knowles rockin blues and the first days of fall. Enjoy!


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