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Friday, September 6, 2013

Acoustic Bon Jovi & Domaine Magellan Vin de Pays de L’Herault Grenache Blanc/Roussanne

I always amazes me when you take a hard rocking song, take away the Marshall amps, screaming guitars, and turn down the volume, and play it acoustically how beautiful a rock anthem can sound. Tonight I’m featuring an unplugged concert by Bon Jovi, one of the classic rock bands whose music is timeless. You can actually hear that Richie Sambora is a very good vocalist in addition to his guitar prowess. Check out “You give love a bad name” and don’t miss Lenard Cohen’s “Hallelujah. But for heaven’s sake, make sure you listen to Jon Bon Jovi and Lee Ann Rhimes, one of the best vocalists in the business, sing “Till we ain’t strangers any more.”  Bon Jovi’s lyrics speak to the heart and the music is impeccable. So kick back and listen to one of the all time great rock bands in a completely different light.

01:06 - Living on a Prayer,
05:52 - Who says you can't go home,
10:13 - Lost Highway,
14:56 - You give love a bad name,
20:10 - It's My Life,
26:32 - Hallelujah,
32:50 - Till we ain't strangers anymore,
38:22 - You want to (make a memory),
42:48 - Closing.

To compliment this acoustic gem, I suggest trying a 2012 Domaine Magellan Vin de Pays  de L’Herault Grenache Blanc/Roussanne ($16.00). I bought it on line from Moore Brothers and it’s a perfect match for the music. The color is like gold-tinted Granny apple green with aromas of lime, pineapple, and, of course, green apples. The palate follows the nose with a bit of honeydew mellon, golden honey and delightful minerality. Perfect for a warm summer night under the stars with one of the premier bands of all time serenading the tensions of the week away. Enjoy!


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