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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mollydooker Scooter Merlot & the blues of Davy Knowles

At 23 years of age, Davy Knowles looks more like a teen heart throb than a bluesman, but appearances can be deceiving. He tore up the U.S. music scene playing over 400 gigs backing and playing with the likes of Gov’t Mule and Warren Haynes. His latest CD was produced by Peter Frampton and Joe Satriani calls him his favorite modern day bluesman. His chief influences are Rory Gallagher, Robert Cray, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Mark Knopfler. He’s a tremendous electric guitarist, but you can really see him shine on the acoustic numbers I’ve included. Enjoy!

Saving Myself:


Come Home:


Outside Woman Blues:

Roll Away:

As the Crow Flies:


Ain’t No City:

Red House:

Heavy On My Mind:

And to compliment Davy’s music, I’m featuring a wine that Kris Barber (Facebook friend) recommended: a 2009 Mollydooker Scooter Merlot. I’ve really come to love Mollydooker wines. The Scooter,which was aged in 40% new oak, has a bouquet of plum, mulberry, black currant, cedar, and spice. It’s full-bodied on the palate and delivers intense flavors of ripe blackberry and succulent black cherry, with a long, lingering finish. Even though it’s young, it’s showing some nice complexity. Thanks for the recommendation, Kris. It pairs nicely with the smooth blues of Davy Knowles.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Anti-depressant music & Mas de Libian Cotes du Rhone Villages “Khayyam”

Statistically speaking, this past week was the most depressing week of the year. We’re just a month into winter, the holidays are past, the bills are here, and it’s a long way to summer. So, to fight off those blues, I thought I’d take a break from strictly guitar music and give you some stuff you can dance to. Don Henley and Kenny Loggins kick it off and should get you into some dirty dancing. And if that doesn’t get you out of a funk, at least switch to the funk sounds of Kool and the Gang. Take it to the streets with Michael MacDonald to find sweet freedom and just remember, when the blues get you down, just roll with it.

Don Henley

All she wants to do is dance:

Kenny Loggins

Danger Zone:


Dirty Dancing

Time of my life:

Kool & the Gang


Get Down On It:


Jungle Boogie:

Michael MacDonald

Takin it to the streets:

Sweet Freedom:

Stevie Winwood

Roll With It:

Got a fabulous, but hard to find wine for tonight. It’s a 2009 Mas de Libian Cotes du Rhone Villages “Khayyam.” I purchased it through WineAccess for about $18.00 a bottle. It’s predominantly Old-vine Grenache with a dash of Mourvedre and Syrah thrown in for good measure. Dark ruby color with an exotic bouquet of blackberry, cherry, and chocolate. This is a dense concentrated wine with creamy dark plum, blackberry, and chocolate, supple tannins and a spicy long finish. Stephen Tanzer gave it a 91 and it’s a great accompaniment to the anti-depressant music listed above. Cheer up & enjoy!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blues Rocker Gary Moore & Colome Estate Malbec

Tonight I’d like to introduce you to a not-so-well-known blues rock guitarist, namely Gary Moore. Moore grew up in east Belfast and started performing at a young age, having picked up an acoustic at the age of eight. Moore learned to play a right-handed instrument in the standard way despite being left-handed. His early musical influences were Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, all of whom shaped his own characteristic blues-rock style.

While somewhat less known in the US, Moore's work has had substantial success and acclaim in many other parts of the world, most notably Europe. Many well known guitarists have acknowledged his influence on their playing including Joe Bonamassa, Randy Rhoads, and Kirk Hammett. He’s collaborated with a wide range of artists that include George Harrison, Albert Collins, Trilok Gurtu, Jim Capaldi, the Beach Boys, Ozzy Osbourne, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce. He first came to my attention when I heard him play with Bruce. He’s got a varied style, but through it all he’s a rocking blues man. Hope you enjoy him!

Still got the blues:

Whiskey in the jar:

The boys are back in town:

Parisienne walkaway: 

Red House:

The Loner:

The Stumble:


Military man:

After the war:

Ready for love:

Crying in the shadows:

The sky is crying:

And to accompany Gary, I recommend a 2008 Colome Estate Malbec from Argentina, number 66 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 of 2010 ($20.00). This is a rich wine with a deep, dark magenta color, notes of blackberries, plum, and pepper on the nose followed by flavors of dark berries, cassis and spice. Subtle French oak and toast flavors compliment the fruit with a long round finish. Great for drinking on a cold winter night…or any night and beautifully augments the music of Gary Moore. Enjoy!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Walsh & Mollydooker Shiraz

I first heard Joe Walsh back in the late 60’s with the James Gang. Those were the days of power trios like Cream, and the James Gang was one of the best. Walsh was band's star attraction with his innovative rhythm playing and lead riffs that became rock and roll ear worms. He used to hot-wire the pickups on his electric guitars which created his trademark "attack" sound. My personal favorite was his hit with the Eagles, “Life in the Fast Lane,” second only to “Rocky Mountain Way.” Interestingly, he calls himself the ugliest guitarist in the business. Can’t judge on that count, but he’s a heck of a musician.

Rocky Mountain Way:

Funk 49:

Walk Away:

Life of illusion:

In the city:

All night long:

Life in the fast lane:

All night laundrymat blues:

Mother says:

Turn to stone:


Welcome to the club:

Joe Walsh deserves a powerhouse wine and I’ve got just the ticket. I love Shiraz and there are none better than Mollydooker’s The Boxer (2008, $25.00). It explodes from the bottle with aromas of dark fruit and spice followed by opulent flavors of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate. It’s got a silky Ever Ready Bunny finish that keeps going and going and going.

Check out their website and do the Mollydooker Shake to release the nitrogen they use to preserve the wine instead of sulfites. I’ve never tried shaking my wine to aerate it. Kind of radical, just like Joe. Enjoy!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mark Kroos and Morgan Twelve Clones Pinot Noir

When I was a child, I remember my Dad challenging my sister to try to simultaneously pat our heads with one hand and rub our tummies in a circular motion with the other. I was never very good at it. Getting my hands to do two completely different things seemed an impossible task. Of course, later as a bassist and guitarist, I had to learn right and left hand technique, but tonight’s featured guitarist takes it to an extreme.

Hailing from Williamsburg, VA, Mark Kroos is a rarity as he plays a double neck ovation…both necks simultaneously. He’s a slap-tapper whose music is as soothing to listen to as it is fun to watch him play it. You can hear the influence of guitarists like Andy McKee and Michael Hedges in his style. Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

Indigo Child:

Speed limit enforced by aircraft:

Tide Pools:

The demons were gone:

Live Concert:

Sweet thing:

Here you are:

The Descent:

Mythical Reptile Surge:

Stairs Two at a time:

Forgive me Savannah:

Live at Sally O’Brien’s:

I think a Pinot Noir goes well with Mark’s double neck tapping. The 2008 Morgan’s Twelve Clones Pinot Noir is a medium ruby color and with ripe strawberry aromas and flavors augmented by notes of cherry, toasted oak, cola, and spice. It has a soft texture, good acidity and a slightly tart finish. At $20.00 a bottle, it’s an excellent value and perfectly compliments the playing of Mark Kroos. Have a great weekend!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rodrigo y Gabriela and Bodegas Beronia rioja Reserva

Rodrigo y Gabriela (Rodrigo and Gabriela) are a Mexican musical duo who live in Dublin, Ireland and have a unique fast rhythmic acoustic style. Rodrigo Sanchez plays the lead while Gabriela Quintero plays and pounds out some incredible rhythms. The duo met in Mexico City while playing in the thrash band Tierra Ácida, but grew frustrated with the limited scope of the domestic music scene, so they moved to Dublin where they met considerable acclaim. They gained a cult following playing Dublin’s bars and busking on street corners. Although their style is something like an eclectic flamenco, their main musical influences were Metallica, Megadeath, and Slayer, all heavy metal and rather unexpected. Very cool style. I think you’ll like them.


Stairway to Heaven:



Diablo Rojo:

Juan Loco:

Late Show Performance: 

Buster Voodoo:

Hora Zero:



The Letterman Show:

It’s only right that I feature a Spanish wine with Rodrigo and Gabriela, so tonight’s selection is #52 on the 2010 Wine Spectator top 100 wines, the 2005 Bodegas Beronia Rioja Reserva. It 90% Tempranillo, Spain’s noble grape, augmented by a touch of Mazuelo and Graciano. Bright red color with a nose full of red raspberry, red currants, and fresh baked bread. The red fruit dominates the flavor with a full mouth feel and firm tannins. It’s a juicy wine that makes your mouth water for more. Just like the music of Rodrigo and Gabriela. Enjoy!