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The Death Whisperer Series
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

John Goldie and some Golden Wines

Well, I've now lost 44 pounds on my diet and am only sixteen pounds away from my goal. And they said it couldn't be done. Hah! However, every once and awhile I find a glass of wine in my hands. Wonder how that got there? Oh, well, can't pour it back so I've got two wines and a fabulous guitarist for you tonight. First the wines.

Acacia Pinot Noir $23.00: Nice fruity nose with hints of violets and touch of vanilla. Flavors follow the nose adding blueberry, plum, and strawberry to its complexity. Very elegant, smooth wine with a just enough oak and tannins for balance. Very nice wine.

Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc $18.00: I love New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs. The ones from Marlborough are some of the best. Unlike their California counterparts, they lack any trace of bitterness. Matua Valley is typical of NewZealand wines from the Marlborough region. Distinctive aroma of grapefruit and other citrus. The taste hints of lime, grapefruit and tropical fruits . Well balanced and refreshing. Lingering finish. Did I mention how much I love New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs?

And while your sipping one of those, check out John Goldie, a British acoustic jazz guitarist whom I dearly love. One of my favorite songs to play was/is "Summertime" from the musical Porgy and Bess. John does a fantastic rendition. He is one of the most listenable guitarists I know of and I love having his music on in the background while I write. Check out the videos then go buy his CD's from his website:

Don’t shave much anymore:


I heard it through the grapevine:

It’s not unusual:

Paper Moon:



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lap Tap guitarist Eric Mongrain

Tonight I've got a really special guitarist for you. Erik Mongrain is a truly excellent guitarist in the traditional sense, but he sometimes switches from the traditional style where the guitar is held against the player's chest to laying it horizontally across his lap. It's called lap taping and he's one of the finest of the genre. I've included videos of both his traditional and lap tap style below. You can also find more information on his website:
If the links don't take you there directly, cut and paste them into your browser. Alternatively, just go to his website as many of his videos can be viewed there. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.


Air Tap:
Just a Jam:

Non-lap tapping:
Pandora’s Box:
A Ripple Effect:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson has probably the most unique and beautiful tone of any electric blues and rock guitarist I know of. He’s not a shredder like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, or Yngwie Malmsteen, but he’s very quick on the fretboard. His picking and chording patterns are quite complex. His style ranges from rock (Cliffs of Dover) to jazz (Manhattan, Tribute to Wes) to blues (E Blues Shuffle) to country. But again, what sets him apart is his tone(s). They are gorgeous. Hope you enjoy him.


SRV: this is a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn:

Cliffs of Dover: Catch his signature tone. It’s unique and beautiful.

Desert Rose: Favorite of mine and my two sons:

Bossa nova jam: Really cool jazz sound. Very listenable.

Tribute to Wes: A tribute to the great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. The octave work was Wes’ signature and Eric really demonstrates just how versatile he is on this and the previous number.

E Blues Shuffle: Ripping good ride!