The Death Whisperer Series

The Death Whisperer Series
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

AC/DC Live Concert & Chateau de Laubade Armagnac

Okay, I’m back and feeling feisty. Been very busy with consulting gigs and grant writing and tonight I need to blow off steam for the upcoming week. Maybe you feel the same? So tonight it’s a full concert by AC/DC. Nothing short of brains against the wall rock and roll. Forget the wine, go out an get yourself a bottle of Chateau de Laubade XO Armagnac, It’s about $69.00 but you’re not going to drink the whole bottle at once…at least I don’t recommend it. Pour three fingers into a big snifter, kick back, and get ready for tomorrow. Monday will ook better if you’re pumped and ready to hit the ground running. Back in black & kicking out the jams!


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