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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kirk Lorange & Wild Horse Pinot Noir

Kirk Lorange is an outstanding slide guitarist, little known outside of his home country Australia. He’s not new to the scene having been a professional guitarist since the late sixties. While he’s played in a plethora of musical groups, I think he’s best known for his teaching techniques, particularly for his book and videos, Plane Talk, and a website,  that has over 100,000 subscribers. His acoustic work is amazing, but his electric tone and slide work is killer. If you want to learn a few licks, sit down and watch. Enjoy!

Yuppy Blues:

Blackwood strut:

Never mind the rain:

Come a long way:

Rust red dust:

Sixteen twenty-five:

Little wing improv:

The water is wide:

Georgia on my mind:

Scratch my itch:

Three piece suit: 

Salt wind:

Slow blues:

Stormy Monday:

I’m going to recommend a 2007 Wild Horse Pinot Noir to go with Kirk. It has distinct floral notes in the aroma along with a bit of strawberry and cherry. In the mouth it opens with intense flavors of black raspberry, cranberry, and strawberry and finishes with a bit of rhubarb. Wild Horse is low on acid, rich and soft with a ripe, yet fresh feel. Very nice at $23.00. So pour yourself a glass, plant yourself in front of your computer screen with a guitar in your lap, your preference of a glass or metal slide on your pinky, and try playing some blues. Enjoy!


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Rick Daley said...

It's awesome how he walks through the bass line and blends the rhythm and lead into the slide. Good stuff!