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Friday, September 17, 2010

Dave Mathews & Whitehaven Pinot Noir

Dave Matthews is in Omaha this week so I thought I’d do a bit of his music tonight. He really doesn’t fit the category of an “up-and-coming guitarist/performer.” He’s more of an OMG-it’s-DMB type. He plays a lot of closed chords, that is, he picks the strings he fingers without allowing the open strings to augment his sound. Some of his chords are killers on your hand. I once heard someone comment that they though he wasn’t a very good guitarist. Well, try playing a few of his songs and singing at the same time. I think you’ll find he’s quite good.

Tripping Billies:

Ants Marching:

Grey Street:

One Sweet World:

Stuck on you:





Jimi Thing:

Two Step:

Seek up: 1

Typical Situation:

Christmas Song:

Went to a Pinot Noir tasting last night where the wines ranged in price from $15.00 to $60.00 a bottle. I found it very interesting in that the ones I personally liked the best were all under $30.00. In fact, the three pricy-est ones didn’t thrill me at all. One was rated a 94 by several reviewers but tasted strongly of alcohol with very little fruit/cherry character so characteristic of Pinots. Another that cost about $45.00 and was rated 91, had no bouquet. Really. No aroma, and that’s not my allergies talking. I’ll review them through the week, but I thought I’d start with one I really love that was not offered. I’ve reviewed it before, but it’s the best Pinot I’ve tasted. It’s a 2007 Whitehaven Pinot Noir from New Zealand, usually about $30.00 list price but I get it on sale for $23-$24.00. Beautiful bouquet of bing cherry and strawberry that follow on the palate. It’s a delicious, light, easy-drinking Pinot with just enough oak to compliment the fruit and an impressively long finish. Enjoy a bottle as you listen to Dave.


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