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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Carlos Santana & Bearboat Pinot Noir

I love Latin rock and there’s no one better at it than Carlos Santana. His guitar sound is full of emotion and soul and combined with the body-moving Latin rhythms makes you want to get up and move. I’m in the process of preparing three science talks that I have to give over the next month and found myself doing a samba as I practiced my Powerpoint. That should take the focus off any flaws in my data because everyone will be too busy being horrified at my dancing abilities. I’d better stick to a more traditional presentation. One of my all time favorite albums (yes, I’m dating myself but when this first came out it was on vinyl) is Caravanserai. I now have it on CD. But I really love “Supernatural and have included many of the songs for this release below. Smooth is like a musical perfect storm: Rob Thomas’ perfect vocals, Carlos exquisite guitar, and a Latin rhythm that gets you moving. No more talk. Listen up!


Corazon Espinada:


Maria Maria:


With Dave Matthews; Love of my Life:

With Nickleback:

With Chad Kroeger:

Just feel better (Steven Tyler):

Put your lights on:


Jingo with Eric Clapton:

The Calling with Eric Clapton:

She’s not there:

Once it’s gotcha:

With a smooth operator like Carlos, I have to recommend a like wine: a 2007 Bearboat Pinot Noir. It has an aroma full of dark berries with a silky smooth palate of blackberry, cherry, red currents, and spice. Rich tannins with good acidity. It’s a Wine Enthusiast Editors Choice that rated 90. So get those hips moving and samba into the weekend with Bearboat and Santana. Enjoy!


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