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Friday, September 24, 2010

Jimmy Page & Pinot Noirs

Do I really need to say anthing about Jimmy Page? I first heard him after he joined the Yardbirds upon Jeff Beck’s departure. I can remember cranking the volume of my Mom’s black Chevy Impala as I cruised the night to the pulsating beat of “Whole Lotta Love.” Their first album (yeah, vinyl) was one of my favorites and of all the songs on it, “Since I Been Lovin You” was a mind-blower. Friday night and time to kick back. Enjoy!

50 Years of Jimmy Page:


Stairway to Heaven:

Top 10 solos:

Classic rock documentary:

Arena-Heavy Metal:

Heart full of stone (Yardbirds): 

The Immigrant song:

The song remains the same:

Since I been loving you:

Whole lotta love:

Tonight’s Pinot Noir comparison is rather striking. First up is a 2008 Guarachi Family Sonoma Coast Pinot ($42.00) that Wine Spectator rated a 94. They said it was “impressive for its richness, depth and layers of ripe cherry, wild berry and raspberry fruit, shaded by loamy earth and black licorice notes that continue to build and expand. Full-bodied, ending with a long, persistent finish that focuses on the fruit themes.” I’d agree with some of their comments, but what I noticed most was the alcohol that dominated and drowned out the cherry fruit. In fact, the alcohol crushed any nuances on the palate, although they became somewhat more apparent (red fruit and vanilla) on the finish. Rather than blow forty bucks on this one, let me recommend something more in my “under $25.00 price range.”

With its bright ruby color, the 2008 Cartlidge and Browne Pinot emphasizes the wine’s classic ruby and garnet fruit. C&B is flush with strawberry richness, stony minerals, and smooth spices on the palate and nose. The mouth feel has a juicy, soft sweetness and wonderful, understated texture. It’s a solid American Pinot Noir, and as Robert Parker and the Wine Advocate state, “This winery is known for its excellent bargins and this Pinot is better than some five times the price,” especially at $14.00 a bottle. Like Jimmy Page, C&B Pinot Noir isn’t pretentious, just awesome. Enjoy!


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