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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pete Townsend & Tangley Oaks Merlot

Pete Townsend is one of the finest songwriters ever to grace the face of rock music. His career with the Who created some of the greatest rock classics, but his solo work is just as excellent. His electric work is legendary. Back in 1970, the Who played the Auditorium Theater in Chicago and I was setting their stage that night. As the concert started, Pete, always legendary for his volume, seemed to be rather quiet. I remember getting ready to check on the connections when I saw him hit his stomp box and my hair literally stood up as power exploded into the theater. That was the Pete Townsend I knew. In spite of that, I love his acoustic work, some of which I’ve provided below. Hope you enjoy it.

Won’t get fooled again:

Pinball Wizard:



Heart to Hang on to:

Stop Hurting People:

A little is enough:

Baba O’Riley:

Magic Bus:

English Boy:

God Speaks:


Let my love open the door:

My Generation (with John Entwhistle):

With Eric Clapton acoustic jam:

Behind Blue Eyes/Pinball Wizard:

Complimenting Pete, I want to introduce you to Tangley Oaks 2005 Merlot ($16.00). Nice little merlot that’s smooth and dry with a floral cherry bouquet, followed by cherry, red currents, crisp acids, and mild oak overtones on the palate. Not as fruity as some Claifornia merlots, but that’s a good thing. Very drinkable, especially when reminiscing about the last Who concert I saw. Enjoy!

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