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Friday, March 5, 2010

Brian Bromberg & Clos du Val Cabernet

Brian Bromberg is one amazing bassist. Playing acoustic upright, to electric piccolo, four, and five string bases as well as the synthesizer bass, he is one of the most versatile and listenable artists to ever pick up the instrument. He plays everything from straight ahead and smooth jazz, to fusion with equal virtuosity. For more information, follow the link to his website and listen to the excerpts from his latest CD, “It Is What It Is.” Outstanding!

Cantalope Island:

Snuggle Up:

It is what it is:

It is what it is #2:

Jungle Boogie solo: 


With Lee Ritenour:

Shag Carpet:

Slow Burn:

Chameleon with Jeff Lorber:


Through the window:

Ray of Sunshine:

Isn’t it beautiful:

Slap Technique:

Listening to a virtuoso bassist calls for a wine with some body. So I recommend a 2006 Clos du Val Cabernet Sauvignon $20.00. It’s a classic Napa Valley Cab, smooth and elegant with scents of black currants, blackberry, and expresso. It has an almost chewy feel in the mouth, loaded with dark fruit, toasty oak, and full tannins followed by a long, lingering finish. Get your groove on with Brian Bromberg and enjoy this classic cab.


1 comment:

Rick Daley said...

He's got some mad chops. I the Jungle Boogie clip is seems like he's channeling whatever it is the Victor Wooten channels when he plays.

Are you familiar with Rob Wasserman? I saw him once with Bob Weir, he blew my mind with his stand-up solo. Turned the bow around and started bouncing it with the wood edge like a drum stick. Very cool.