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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adrian Legg & Witness Tree Pinot Blanc

Adrian Legg has won just about every award around for acoustic fingerstyle guitar and the descriptive "best acoustic fingerstyle guitarist," an award given him by Guitarist Magazine, seems to follow his name wherever he goes. He was voted Best Acoustic Fingerstyle guitarist in the Guitar Player’s reader’s poll four years running, then was retired to their hall of fame.

It’s impossible to classify his music, which incorporates virtuosic instrumental effects into a plethora of genres ranging to traditional folk to bluegrass to jazz with a bit of rock thrown in for good measure. I started following his music before he began garnering all the awards and I must say they are deserved. His tone is derived from both electronic and physical effects, i.e. the use of banjo tuners to achieve soulful bends. Whe I first heard him, he played an Ovation graphite Adamas, but more recently moved to a custom guitar seen in the videos below. It’s made from two pieces of swamp ash, with a cavity hollowed out before joining and then vented on the treble side cutaway. The neck is two-piece walnut; the fingerboard is ebony; the bridge is walnut. This particular guitar uses a pick-up specially made by Dimarzio. He started out as a guitar technician and has a book out on customizing your guitar. Hope you enjoy listening to a master

Guitar Master Class:

Ghoast in the Hills:


Nora Handley’s Waltz:

Cuckoo Shuffle:

Midwest Sunday:

Irish Girl:  

Nefertiti, What a Sweetie:

Siobhan Kapoor:

The Cool Cajun:

Mrs. Crow’s Blue Waltz:


More Fun In The Swamp:

Hard Time Killing Floor w/ Cindy Cashdollar:

And since the temperature hit 58 today, releasing us temporarily from our horrible winter suffering, I thought we’d do a warm weather wine, namely a 2007 Witness Tree Pinot Blanc ($15.00). This variety is rather rare and I believe one of the more underrated and under-appreciated wines, especially when it comes from Oregon. It’s a bright wine with a gentle fruit character. Citrus and green apple bouquet, with lemon, green apple, pear, and melon flavors on the palate balanced by a crisp, refreshing acidity. I enjoyed mine sitting on my deck with the fragrance of spring in the air…I hope. Enjoy!


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