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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Al Di Meola & Cupcake Merlot

Ah, Wednesday, hump day, half way to the weekend. Perhaps you need a boost to get you through. I know I do. So here’s some stuff that should do the trick. I first heard Al Di Meola when he was 19 and playing with Chick Corea and Return to Forever. That was about 30 years ago and since then he’s been recognized as a virtuoso acoustic and electric guitarist as well as a prolific and lyrical composer. His music ranges from world music to classical to jazz and rock. His current interests lie with his World Symphonia group. One of my favorites, however, was his stint with Paco De Lucia and John McLaughlin, the super trio. His recordings with them are some of the most amazing ever to come from acoustic guitars. I’ve collected a few of his more recent compositions for tonight that should give you a push over the hill toward Friday.



Rhapsody of fire:

Beyond the mirage:

Orient Blue Suite:  


Egyptian Danza:

Jazz festival 2007:

Super guitar trio-Spain:

No Mystery:


Solo Performance:

Fantasia suite:




Return to Forever:

Al Di Meola is smooth yet bold, so I’m pairing him with a 2007 Cupcake Merlot (~$11.00). Cupcake is a smooth yet full-bodied merlot with supple tannins and dark fruit balanced by a bit of oak. It’s a softer, silkier Merlot that starts with flavors of red cherries evolving into decadent cocoa and espresso and finishing with plush, silky mocha. Very nice wine for the price. Good for sipping or pairing with beef or pork. So, check out Al and have a Cupcake. From here, it’s all downhill to the weekend.


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