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Friday, October 11, 2013

Manelli Jamal & Domaine Costa Lazaridi Amethystos Red

Born in Belarus and of Iranian descent, Maneli Jamal was raised in Cologne, Germany. His family then moved to the States in his adolescence, immigrating to Minnesota before relocating to Austin, Texas until his late teens. At this time, his family was issued a deportation letter by the immigration office, and they were forced to claim refuge in Canada within thirty days of receiving the notice.

Taking literally only what they could fit in their hands, Jamal and his family arrived in Toronto after establishing their lives in Austin, TX. It was at this time that Maneli got an acoustic guitar from his father for his 16th birthday, which has scarcely left his hands since.

Maneli had played in punk and metal bands throughout his teens, so he was no stranger to the six-string. However, the acoustic guitar held new secrets for him to discover, and thus began his exploration of the virtuosic style he’s since mastered. Utilizing a mix of classical, flamenco and percussive playing, Maneli composes unique movements which are far outside the realm of traditional songwriting.

His accomplishments include winning a number of guitar contest such as:

1st place - 2013 Beaches International Jazz Festival Hennessy Contest 

1st Place - 2012 “Awakening” Best Audio Recording AES Convention by Pouya Hamidi

1st Place - 2012 Winterfolk Festival Auditions 

1st Place - 2011 Winterfolk Festival Auditions 

Top 3 - 2011 Guitar Idol III (worldwide competition)

1st Place - 2010 Taylor Guitars Showdown Winner

1st Place - 2010 Toronto Indie Week showcase winner

1st Place - 2009 Faith Guitars Acoustic Guitar Competition 

1st Place - 2008 Toronto's Writers Co-Op / Musical Performance Competition

All those wins do is confirm his virtuosity on the guitar. Enjoy!

I was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina recently, eating at a Greek restaurant and had a beautiful wine. I don’t know much about wines from this country but the 2009 Domaine Costa Lazaridi Amethystos red recommended by our waitress was fabulous. The wine is 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, with 20% Merlot and 10% Agiorgitiko, aged in a mixture of new and old French oak for 12 months. Extremely dark purple colour, and nearly opaque, it has aromas of black berries, cassis and truffles. Full bodied with hefty tannins, it’s powerful and masculine. Good amount of blue and black berries. It has a very long, yet clean finish filled with cassis. At $20.00 a bottle, I’ll be searching my local wine shops for a bottle or six. It’s an excellent accompaniment to the guitar of Manelli Jamal.


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