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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soy Martino & Domaine Lafage Tessellae Old Vines

Okay, I went a little crazy over tonight’s featured guitarist. I’ve never heard him before last Thursday night when I was surfing for Adam Rafferty songs and stumbled on him. All I can say is “Wow!”

While his YouTube videos are prolific, I can’t find much about his life other than what’s on his website (  He was born in 1975 in Banovce nad Bebravou, Slovakia where he grew up and went to school graduating with a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Arts of the Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa in Nitra. After graduating he worked as a teacher, but later moved to the Canary Islands of Spain where he worked and played as a solo guitarist. He worked with a friend and fellow musician Martin Tesak for a year, playing as a duo called “Los Martinos.” Then, in 2008, he returned to Slovakia.

His website offers a plethora of tab books containing his arrangements of the songs he plays. What struck me is his repertoire is so diverse and the pop stuff he plays, refreshingly isn’t the kind of thing other do like the usual Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder tunes. How many solo acoustic guitarists perform Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” Roxette’s “Crash, Bang, Boom,” Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”, Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet,” or Coolio’s “Gangsta Paradise” done appropriately from a jail cell.

His resonant tone is gorgeous. Coldplay’s “Scientist” is beautiful, and his double tracking/loop work on “Fragile” is exquisite. While Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” is becoming popular among guitarists, Soy’s is one of the best arrangements I’ve heard.

But my favorites are his renditions of four songs written by Sting, the last four links below and yeah, I definitely went a little overboard with the links to 27 of his videos, but I only scratched the surface of the available work by this little known, but amazing guitarist.

Somebody that I used to know:

Tonight’s just full of new things. One of the guys at my local wine shop recommended this wine to me, knowing I like Cotes du Roussillons. The 2011 Domaine Lafage Tessellae Old Vines 2011 ($16.00) comes from a winemaker (Lafage) whose winery was voted number 1 by Wine Spectator awhile back. The thing that’s intriguing about Lafage wines is that they’re incredibly good while being an excellent value, something you don’t often see in French wines today. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again. I always let French wines breathe by using either an aerator or, in this case, decanting it into a wide-bottomed flask and letting it rest for an hour.

The wine is a blend of 40% Syrah, 40% Grenache, 15% Mourvedre, and 5% Grenache Gris. It has aromas of black cherry, strawberries, and herbs. The flavors echo the aromas with a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. It’s a truly wonderful wine to accompany the music of a fabulous Guitarist.


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