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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Acoustic concert by Joe Bonamassa & Oyster Bay Pinot Noir

I have a treat for y’all tonight. I was perusing Acoustic Guitar Magazine and saw that Joe Bonamassa has been doing all-acoustic concerts across Europe and is about to release a 2CD set of a concert given at the Vienna Opera House. To my surprise, videos of virtually the entire concert can be found on YouTube, seventeen of which are presented below.

In case you’re not familiar with Joe, he’s one of the premier blues guitarists on the scene today, playing mostly electrified music. I reviewed some of his work in this blog on February 10, 2012, presenting mostly his electric work. This concert is quite different. While he plays some of the tunes in their original form, he spins his own arrangement of many of them. Just in case you get tired looking at videos, but want to listen to the music, the last link will take you to a recording of the entire concert. Very cool stuff. Hope you enjoy it.

Drivin towards the daylight:
Palm trees, helicopters, and gasoline:
An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House:

I’m pairing Joe with a 2011 Oyster Bay Pinot Noir (New Zealand; $10.00). This is a medium bodied wine, ruby red in color with aromas of cherries, rhubarb, and earth. The taste is full of bright cherries with zesty acidity that makes your mouth want more. I look for Oyster Bay wines when I’m traveling and staying in a hotel. They never disappoint and the twist-off cap means TSA won’t pull me out of line for carrying a corkscrew in my carry-on luggage. This Pinot and the acoustic side of Joe Bonamassa should get your week off to a great start. Enjoy!


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