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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun Songs and Beckman Vineyard's Rosé

So, did you survive another Monday? Great day here in Nebraska cause it rained all day and only reached 66o for a high, a record for us, but nobody’s complaining because we don’t usually see this kind of weather until October. So, how but some fun music? The blog tonight contains some of my favorite songs, some of which are the greatest ever. Lot’s of good guitar “Check out the tasteful bridge by Huey Lewis’ guitarist on Small World), but mostly just great songs  by some stellar groups and people. It’ll get your blood pumping for the rest of the week.

The criteria were the sentiment, the beat, i.e. does it pump you up, and do I just plain love the song. I purposely ended with two of the greatest dance songs by Gloria Estafan. Interesting when you look at these old videos. Beyoncé stole a couple of dance moves from her. See if you can get into her groove and dance. Blast it at the office and see if you can get the whole place moving. It’s a great way to start the day. Enjoy!

Can’t find my way home:
While my guitar gently weeps:

Since this entry focuses on fun, how about a  2012 Beckman Vineyards Grenache Rose ($18.00). Like Stolpman  Vineyards, Beckman’s “Le Bec” is one of my favorite Syrah’s and this Rosés is out of this world. “What is it with Syrah Vinyards? They seem to make incredible Rosés. The color is coppery red, almost orange and has an aroma of oranges, strawberries and fruit candies. Strawberries dominate the palate, but there are notes of citrus and herbs with a mineral berry finish. Lovely for sipping by itself, although it goes great with grilled teriyaki salmon. It’s just the ticket for the tonight’s musical selections.


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