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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pete Townshend & Klinker Brick Farah Syrah

Tonight’s artist doesn’t need an introduction. Pete Townshend is one of my all time favorite guitarist/song writers. I heard an acoustic version of “Won’t get fooled again” recently and realized how significant he was in my life as a teen. His music is filled with real life teen angst, the kind I felt growing up. Songs like “Won’t get fooled again” and “Behind Blue Eyes” speak to the kids who are on the fringe for no fault of their own other than they had tastes that differed from the mainstream. And who can forget Pinball Wizard, a rock classic. This is an all-acoustic set with the exception of Magic Bus, played by Pete solo on a telecaster and Eminence Front, a song that makes me want to get up and dance.  He’s one of the most underrated, yet best with his double time strumming style that I learned early in my musical career and used to play his stuff in coffee houses across Indiana and Illinois way back when I was a professional. Nostalgia is a great thing. Enjoy!

Won’t get fooled again:

Since Pete’s one of my favorite artists, I’ve got to pair him with one of my favorite wines, namely Klinker Brick’s Farah Syrah (~$21.00). It color is deep garnet with aromas of cherries and cedar. Its palate is full of black cherry, coffee, and chocolate with a loooonnnngggg lingering silky finish. It’s one of my all time favorite wines that I’m sure you’ll love, especially with the acoustic music of some great “Who” songs played by one of the greatest guitarist/song writers of our time, namely, Pete Townshend.


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