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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Classical Yngwie Malmsteen and Vella white Zinfandel

Got a couple of things today. First off, you may notice a new addition to my book photos. I don’t usually talk about my writing in this blog, but my latest book, Angel Games, available from Amazon, was one of the finalists for Best Commercial Fiction in the Eric Hoeffer Writing Contest. That’s a first for me. Secondly, it’s hump day, a really crappy hump day as a matter of fact, and there are still two to go until the weekend, so to help bridge the gap until then, there’s nothing like a little soothing classical guitar…played by Yngwie Malmsteen. Okay, so maybe it’s more like a lightning bolt on amphetamines, but it’ll sure give you a kick in the pants to get to the weekend.

Yngwie was born in Stockholm on June 30, 1963. Originally he had no interest in the guitar until he saw a television special on the death of Jimi Hendrix on September 18th, 1970. As seven-year-old Yngwie watched Jimi’s guitar burn, a fire ignited in his belly and a raging, shredding monster was born. He admired Richie Blackmore’s classically influenced playing and studied the work of Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart, fusing classical structures with balls-against-the-wall rock guitar. He is, in my opinion, the fastest guitarist on six strings and his picking patterns are very complex. Watch the economy of movement in his right hand as his picks. Truly amazing.

Although technically, this is classical music, I recommend pushing the volume all the way up. Enjoy!

Somehow, even though this is classical music night on the blog, fine wine just doesn’t seem appropriate. When I watch and listen to Yngwie play, I tend to gulp in disbelief, which, when you’re drinking a fine Cabernet, isn’t the way to go. So since it’s midweek and I’m going to be gulping, I suggest a box wine and one of my fav’s for summer is Vella White Zinfandel, about $12.00 for a five liter carton. I keep it in the frig so it’s nicely chilled when it comes time to pour a mug…I mean glass. The wine is fruity with an aroma and taste of strawberries and rhubarb, just like my favorite pie. And the alcohol content is only 8%, so slurp away as you blast the neighbors on some classic Yngwie Malmsteen.


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Rick Daley said...

I like how he is the only one who doesn't have to look at the score in the orchestral pieces.

And I also like strawberry-rhubarb pies.