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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eric Clapton & Casarena Cabernet Sauvignon

Since I love the blues (duh!), about once a year I feel I have to feature the music of my all time fav guitarist, Eric Clapton. No, he’s not God, but I believe even God loves his music. From his early days with the Yardbirds and Bluesbreakers to his solo  work, both electric and acoustic, he is like a bottle of fine French Burgundy that just keeps getting better with age. The first numbers below are electric while the last few are acoustic. All blues, what else would you expect from the blues meister? Enjoy!

Every day I have the blues:

Can’t afford that fine French Burgundy that goes for more than $500.00 a bottle on average, but I can recommend a really nice, affordable 2010 Casarena Cabernet Sauvignon from Mendoza. The wine is deep ruby color with a bouquet of blackberries and dark chocolate. The taste is a mouthful of blackberries and cassis with a hint of chocolate, mocha, and just a touch of sweetness. It finishes long and spicy with smooth tannins. At $15.00 a bottle, I don’t think you’ll find a better bargain. So uncork a bottle and hit the deck to enjoy one of the premier blues guitarists of all time, Mr. Eric Clapton.


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Rick Daley said...

Clapton's wife Melia is from Columbus, they have a home about 10 miles from mine. I haven't met him, but know someone who saw him at the kids' area of the mall early one morning. They chatted, just two dads talking parenting. Pretty cool!

My first son was born about a month after his child, and my wife's OB/GYN wasn't available...the one who attended was Dr. Teach, who had delivered the Clapton's baby.