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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Greg Howe & Two Hands Angel's Share Shiraz

Had the business trip from hell this week. Got up Thursday morning at 2:30 AM to make a 5:45 flight to visit a collaborator at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. No problems until the return that evening. The flight back to Chicago was delayed 2 hours for no apparent reason then they had to do a special refueling procedure that took an hour. I missed my connection back to Omaha and stood in line for 1.5 hours waiting to get a flight out the following day. Of course, United was out of hotel vouchers, so I got a hotel on my own. The shuttle was late so my co-workers and I took a $20.00 cab ride to a hotel one mile from the airport. In a déjà vu the next day, the American ticket agent set new records for rudeness and the 3:30 PM American Airlines flight was two hours late. Finally made it home dog tired. So tonight, I need to let off some steam, therefore, I’m re-reviewing one of my favorite fusion guitarists, Greg Howe

Born December 8, 1963, Greg has been in the music business for thirty years and has released 9 CD’s. In 1996, he replaced Jennifer Batten as the guitarist on Michael Jackson’s HIStory tour. His self-titled first album ranks in the top ten shredder releases of all time. Lately, he’s moved back into jazz fusion and I’ve included a number of cuts from one of my all time favorite albums that he did with Victor Wooten and Dennis Chambers. His fiery guitar work is a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July.  Kicking off with some hot guitar. Enjoy!

Because Greg’s music is so powerful, I suggest a wine to match, namely Two Hands Angel’s Share  Shiraz (2009; $23.00).  The color is inky purple with a bouquet of red berries, mocha, vanilla, and spices. It has a bright, vibrant taste bursting with dark plum and blackberries with hints of coffee and chocolate. Great wine to match a great guitarist. Happy Fourth of July.


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