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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Richard Thompson & Stolpman Vineyards Syrah

Tonight I’m featuring a musician whose guitar skills rank with the likes of Clapton and Page and whose song writing is on par with Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Richard Thompson has long been a favorite of mine. Born in 1949 and influenced by Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller, Les Paul, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, he started his career as one of the founding members of the 1960’s folk/rock group Fairport Convention. His songs are poignant, provocative, and a life full of experience. His style ranges from traditional English Celtic to rocking blues. One of my all time favorite songs that he performs is 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, with its intricate Appalachian-style guitar work and mournful tune. It’s often at the top of internet polls for folk/rock ballads. I’ll let his music tell the rest of his story. Enjoy!

1952 Vincent Black Lightning:


I misunderstood:


Woodstock Tribute:

Black Crow:

On Austin City Limits:

Waltzing for Dreamers:

Cooksferry Queen:

Sunset song:

Turning of the Tide:

Oops, I did it again:

Where the drunkards roll:

Dad’s gonna kill me:

When the spell is broken:

Dimming of the day:

Complimenting Richard, I suggest a very special wine, a 2009 Stolpman Vineyards Syrah Estate Grown Santa Ynez Valley. I bought four bottles through WineAccess for about $22.00 each. This is a deep purple wine with a nose of wildflowers and raspberry and succulent flavors of red current, cassis, and black cherry. It was great from the bottle, but really opened up after an hour. Wonderful wine if you can find it and it perfectly complements the rich textures of Richard Thompson’s music. Enjoy!


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