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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fredrik Strand Halland & Graffigna Centenario Estate Reserve

Tonight I offer further proof of an invasion of blues-playing aliens. I say this because no 12 year old plays like the kid I’m offering up tonight. This one even speaks an alien language. Fredrik Strand Halland is a very talented guitarist from Norway (the planet, not the country). He was born on November 21st 1993 and got his first guitar at the age of 2. He picked up guitar by ear until at the age of 7 then received formal training from his father. He took lessons from his father for several years and in the meantime built up a local following by performing in the local market square. Later he took lessons from some guy named Mads Eriksen, apparently a well know Norwegian (alien) guitarist. While studying with Eriksen he must have heard some stray radio waves emanating from Earth and fell in love with the blues. He’s played a lot of festivals across the galaxy including Dalane, the Notodden Blues Festival, Amal, Hell (yikes!), Bergen, and Sandnes, each of which brought him more recognition. He has appeared numerous times on both the Norwegian planet and his hometown TV and Radio. On Norway he is known as BLUE-FREDRIK, but throughout the galaxy his group is known as The Fredrik Strand Halland Band. Personally, if a 12 year old can play like this, I’m burning my guitar. Enjoy!

12yrs old, Texas Flood:

Mary Had a Little Lamb:

Let me love you baby:

Pride & Joy:

Telephone song:

Little Wing:

Purple Haze:

Life is a gamble:

At the Pearl:

Blues Festival Performance:

If you’re a guitarist, you’ll probably want to join me in burning your guitar, so I think we’ll need a good wine for comfort. I suggest a 2008 Graffigna Centenario Estate Reserve ($12.00). This Argentinian Malbec is deep red with violet highlights. Its bouquet is quite complex with ripe dark berries, a touch of black pepper, and a spicy fragrance. On the palate it has well integrated, ripe tannins and a complex finish with hints of coffee, vanilla and toast. Make sure you have a big glass as you’re going to need it as you listen to this kid burn and you watch your guitar go up in flames. But cheer up. After all, he’s an alien. Try to enjoy!


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