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The Death Whisperer Series
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winfield Fingerstyle winner Dan Alder

Don Alder is my featured guitarist for tonight. He has awards galore that include place second at the 2006 Winfield International Finger Picking Championships and winning it in 2007. He has an explosive style as you will hear when you view the videos below. He can range from sweet melody like “The Wall,” to the frenzy of Double Cappucino, which sounds exactly what I feel like after drinking an entire pot of French press coffee. Rather than expound further, I will direct you to his website, and let you listen to the music.

The Wall:

Wild and Wicked Batman: Slapping and tapping frenzy.

Double cappuccino: I never imagined anyoe could capture the feeling one gets after a double, but here it is.

Ballad: After the previous number, this is just what you’ll need to mellow out.


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