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Friday, March 6, 2009

Michael Hedges and Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc

Michael Hedges was one of the most innovative and influential acoustic guitarists of modern times. Originally from Enid, Oklahoma, he obtained a degree in musical composition from the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland. While he was and incredible guitarist, what stands out most were his compositions. His 1984 release, Aerial Boundaries, is a mind bogling collection of technique, tone, composition, and expression. Guitar Players Magazine includes him in their list of “25 guitar players who shook the world.” His chief instruments were a Martin dreadnaught guitar and a harp guitar. Unfortunately, he died in December of 1997 in a one-car crash on State Route 128 in rural Mendocino County, about 100 miles northwest of San Francisco. I’ve included some of my favorites below:

All along the Watchtower:


Funky Avocado:


Come Together:

Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major:

Okay, yesterday I passed the thirty pound mark in my efforts to lose weight. Thirty pounds in two months! I’m starting to feel positively svelte. Had to celebrate, so since I love Sauvignon Blanc, I decided to treat myself to a special bottle. I found a 2007 Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc for $16.00. Whitehall lane is probably better known for its Cabernets, Merlots and Pinot Noir’s, but you’re missing something if you don’t try this Sauvignon Blanc. I gravitate toward New Zealand versions as they tend to have a beautiful grapefruit bouquet followed by similar flavors in the mouth. Guess what? So does this one. The Whitehall Lane Sauvignon Blanc has a wonderful grapefruit aroma with a hint of lime and melon. It’s fruity yet crisp and refreshing with flavors of citrus, melon, and gooseberries. Nice citrus finish. It’s and excellent balance of crispness and fruit. For this price, it’s less than my favorite New Zealand version so guess who’s gonna order a case?

Pick up a bottle, grab a Michael Hedges CD, and toast the fact that winter is almost over.


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