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Friday, January 30, 2009

Scallops, Preston Reed, and Pinot Noir

I’m back from San Jose. Gave a really good talk on my research (if I do say so myself), chaired a science session, and had some good food, although I was worried about sticking to this diet plan. There’s a place called Santana Row, which has several nice restaurants, I particularly like Tanglewoods. I had a very nice salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing to start. They have this class of appetizers they call sliders, so I tried an ahi tuna slider. It was a small sandwich with 3 oz of sesame encrusted ahi tuna accompanied by chips. Needless to say, I only ate the tuna (diet, remember?). For dinner I had grilled scallops (4 large ones), very tender, succulent, and sweet. No dessert, just decaf coffee. While it was a struggle to find the foods I need to eat right now, I must have done okay ‘cause I lost 4.5 pounds during the week. I’m now down 18 pounds in three weeks. Starting to feel good!

Tonight, I want to introduce you to Preston Reed. If you don’t know about him you’ll be amazed. Preston was the first guitarist I heard do the slapping, tapping, percussive thing (almost 12 years ago). A lot of the rhythms this style uses are derived from the Irish drums that accompany a lot of Celtic music. I first heard him play a song called Blasting Cap (link below) and promptly fell out of my chair. I bought his CD entitled “Metal” and have been a fan of his ever since. His style blends blues, funk, rock, and even jazz. He is incredibly versatile playing 6-string steel, 6-string nylon, and electric guitar. Check out the links below, but make sure you fasten your seat belt.

a)Ladies Night:

b)Blasting Cap:

c)Shinkansen: Wild ride on a bullet train;

d)Night Ride: sounds like a lonesome train ride after midnight; haunting melody;

e)False Spring: nylon guitar; moody late night walk in the rain through the streets of a darkened city; really pretty and a contrast to his slapping & tapping.

Got several wines in my backlog from before the diet so I thought I’d give you a realy, really good one. Paraiso Santa Maria Pinot Noir, Highlands, 2006. ~$15.00. Rich dark red color. This is a dense wine with lots of fruit character. Black cherry, black raspberry, plum, a bit of pepper and spice, long finish with a velvety texture. I don’t know how easy it is to get in your local wine shop, but it’s available on line. As soon as I reach my weight goals, I’m gonna buy me some of this.


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