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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stanley Jordan & Donnhoff Krotenphul Riesling Kabinett

Tonight I’m featuring a fellow ex-Chicagoan, the incredible Stanley Jordan. Jordan burst onto the music scene in 1985 as one of the pioneers of a relatively new guitar style—tapping. He began his music studies at the age of six, studying the piano, which he still plays like a virtuoso. At the age of eleven, he shifted his focus to the guitar and in 1981 earned a BA in music from Princeton University, studying theory and computer music.

As you’ll see, he has a unique style of playing, tapping the melody with his left hand while chording with his right. It allows him to do something I’ve never seen others try, that is, play two guitars at once or the guitar and piano simultaneously. His unique approach starts with a Arpege model guitar made by Vigier Guitars. It has a flat fingerboard allowing it to have a very low action (0.5/0.7mm) that facilitates his tapping technique. The second part is his tuning. He plays the guitar in an all-fourths tuning, EADGCF from bass to treble, which he says simplifies the fretboard and makes it logical.

In addition to playing, he has developed music software and published papers on the topic in APL Quote-Quad and the IBM Systems Journal. And if that doesn’t make him unique beyond being a performing/recording musician, he also has a Master’s degree in music therapy from Arizona State University.

If you’ve never heard him, I think you’ll like him.

Lady still got the blues:

One of my favorite summer wines is a Riesling and the 2011 Donnhoff Krotenphul Riesling Kabinett ($20.00) is a great example.  Light straw colored, its aroma has notes of peaches and honeysuckle. The taste is full of juicy white peaches, lemons, and honey. It’s a light, crisp wine and perfect for summer. Try it with Stanley Jordan’s music. You’ll like it.


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