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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rock gone acoustic & Heron Pinot Noir

Nothing stretches an electric guitarist more than playing a brains-against-the-wall rock tune unplugged. It’s much harder to disguise screw-ups when you’re playing acoustic. So, tonight I thought I’d take a look at some serious rock tunes played by their respective bands in an acoustic format. It amazes me how beautiful some of these songs sound unplugged. Listen to Stevie Winwood playing “Can’t Find My Way Home,” the Eurythmic’s “Here Comes The Rain Again,” or the Scorpion’s “Send Me An Angel” as examples. Others seem more amenable to toe tapping and a nodding one’s head such as “Panama” by Van Halen or catch Joe Perry’s slide work on “Monkey Off My Back.” Very cool. Some very nice guitar work here. Hope you enjoy it.


Bruce Springsteen

Steve Winwood/Blind Faith
Can’t find my way home:

Eric Clapton

Bon Jovi

Van Halen

Jethro Tull

Monkey off my back/Love me two times:

Brian May (Queen)


Cheap Trick


Here comes the rain again:


The Pretenders

My favorite reds for summer are Pinot Noirs. They’re light, fruity, and wonderful. So tonight, try a 2011 Heron Pinot Noir ($15.00). Heron winery is out of San Francisco and isn’t a vineyard. Rather, they buy grapes from all over the world to make one fine wine. For a Pinot at this price point, it’s stunning. The wine is bright ruby red and quite complex with aromas of cherries, vanilla, and a touch of pepper. It’s more like a French Burgundy with flavors of red cherries, cranberry, and vanilla and higher acidity than a California Pinot Noir. For $15.00, you can’t beat it. Enjoy it with some very tasty acoustic rock.


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Rick Daley said...

Great compilation!

I bought tickets to see Tommy Emmanuel this September. I'm really looking forward to that show.

I have a suggestion for your posts...when you add the link, set it to open in a new tab / window...that way people don't have to click back on the browser, your post will stay open.