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Monday, February 4, 2013

Trace Bundy & Blue Fin Pinot Noir

Trace Bundy is an instrumental acoustic player par excellence. His nick name, "The Acoustic Ninja" comes from his frenetic finger tapping technique. He started playing guitar at the age of 11 and played steadily in coffee houses through his university years. Music used to be more of a hobby taking a backseat to his full time job as a professor of engineering at the University of Colorado .

Three of his biggest influences were Phil Keaggy, David Wilcox, and Ani Difranco. Keaggy’s influence is evident in his extensive use of looping during his performances. Wilcox is known for using multiple capos, also a trait of Bundy’s style.

In 2008, Trace was named “Most Promising New Talent” by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and took home third place in the magazine’s “Best Fingerstyle Guitarist” category. He’s shared the stage with numerous artists including Brandi Carlile, Judy Collins, Phil Keaggy, David Wilcox, Laurence Juber, Chris Hillman, and Stanley Jordan. His live performances are astounding and touched with whimsy. Check out his oldies medley. He’s one of my favs. Enjoy!

Where the Streets Have No Name:

I’m on a search for drinkable super cheap wines right now. While it’s cool to discover a bargain, I have to say there’s a lot of crap out there masquerading as wine. But tonight’s wine ain’t bad. Keep in mind, this isn’t the kind of beverage you save for a special occasion. You quaff this stuff during the week when you just want a glass of something while you work, watch TV, or read a book. So, tonight I’m pairing Trace with a Trader Joe’s special: Blue Fin Pinot Noir. I am a true lover of Pinot Noir, so this was a bit daring for me to try. But I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, let it air for a half hour or so. It’s a simple wine with strawberries and other berries on the nose and cherries on the palate. It ain’t Domaine de la Romanee Conti, but for $3.99 a bottle, this “Two-Buck Chuck” version of a Pinot Noir is very drinkable. Grab a bottle, listen to the Acoustic Guitar Ninja, and be happy you didn’t drop $2,500.00 on a bottle of the Romanee Conti.


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