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Monday, February 11, 2013

David Lindley &Domaine du Carrou Sancerre Rosé.

David Lindley is a multi-instrumentalist whose expertise includes the acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric bass, banjo, lap steel guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, Weissborn guitar, zither, oud, cümbüs (a Turkish banjo), charango (a Bolivian ten stringed instrument the size of a ukulele whose back is traditionally made from the shell of an armadillo), a hardingfelle (a Norwegian violin) and a host of other instruments that I’ve never heard of. Although he’s notable for his work with Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, and other rock stars, he’s known for his work as a session musician with an enormous list of credits.

In these days where a good acoustic guitar can run upwards of $3,000, Lindley is known for his use of cheap instruments purchased from such illustrious sources as Sears and intended for amateurs. Personally, I love his slide work. In fact, Ben Harper credits Lindley’s distinctive slide guitar style as a major influence on his playing and in 2006, Lindley sat in on Harper’s “Both Sides of the Gun” CD.

Between his solo recordings and his session work, David has a discography as long as my arm. He’s unique, and I hope you like him.

Boy who wouldn’t hoe corn:
Brothers under the bridge:

For a unique musician like Lindley, I suggest an equally unique wine, namely a 2011 Domaine du Carrou Sancerre Rosé. I love Sancerre, which is a French version of Sauvignon Blanc, but this is the first Sancerre Rosé I’ve ever tasted. The color is brilliant salmon pink which was appropriate since I drank it with grilled salmon. The nose is amazing and reminded me of my Thanksgiving favorite, cranberry-orange sauce, and a breakfast fave, pink grapefruit. The palate follows with the addition of strawberries and nice minerality. A very crisp, refreshing wine and one that I hope to drink often. It complimented the salmon and the music of David Lindley perfectly. Enjoy!


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