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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guitar Power Songs v2 & Bota Box Riesling

Power Riffs #2

Tonight I’m continuing the Guitar Power Songs. To recap, the songs were selected by several criteria. First, was there a great hook or guitar part that sticks in your mind like a worm devouring your gray matter? Songs like “Frankenstein,” “Smoke on the Water,” or “Jump,” are representative of this category. Second, did the song have such an impact that it’s been re-recorded or covered numerous times? I can’t even count the acoustic guitar versions of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that I see on YouTube (the one by Eric Roche is the best). Third, were they just real guitar anthems like “Thunderstruck” or “Cat Scratch Fever?” Fourth is a miscellaneous category. The song defined an era (think “Hotel California,” and ‘Teen Spirit”). And last but not least, fifth, I just plain liked it.

Tonight I’ve got some of my all time favs like Frankenstein, Jump, Smuggler’s Blues (heard on Miami Vice), an all acoustic Hotel California, and one of my favorite guitar riffs, Enter Sandman. Have a rocking Saturday night…after the football game.

Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer





Van Halen


Bon Jovi

Deep Purple

Ted Nugent

Derek & the Dominos


One of my favorite wines for anytime drinking is Riesling. With so many songs, you’re going to need a lot of it. So keeping with last night’s theme, I suggest the Riesling from Bota Box (3L/$17.00). It’s an off dry style with flavors of sweet apricots, lemon, and honeyed apples. It’s clean with good acidity and it’s a good sipper or quaffer. Enjoy it with some great guitar classics.

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