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The Death Whisperer Series
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Masa Sumide & Cline Mourvedre Rose

Masa Sumide is a groovin acoustic guitarist. Born in February 3, 1956 in the Kyoto prefecture, Japan, he was 12 when he became enamored by the sound of the Ventures. Nokie Edwards was his earliest guitar idol, but he found a Japanese version of Edwards in Takeshi Terauchi who rapidly became Masa’s local idol.

After graduating from high school Masa worked in a department store, ignoring the call of music, but after ten months, boredom convinced him to follow his heart. In 1974, Masa joined a three-piece acoustic band called SIGNAL whose debut single sold over 800,000 copies in Japan. The band produced 14 singles and 7 albums until they disbanded in 1983.

In 1996, Masa switched to solo acoustic guitar and moved to Australia to woodshed and hone his skills while he developed his funky grooving style. He returned to Japan but now tours worldwide spreading his groove globally. He’ll get your toes a tapping. Enjoy!

Well, it’s stinking hot again here in Nebraska, so I’m going to suggest my favorite choice for cooling off, namely, a rosé. Tonight I’m featuring a 2011 Cline Mourvedre Rosé ($9.00). A Rosé should be refreshing, pretty to look at, and a good value, and this wine fits the bill. Deep salmon pink color with a bouquet that combines the perfect amount of earthiness with hints of dried leaves and earth characteristic of Mourvedre’s with the fresh raspberry and black fruit aromas of a great rosé. The palate is zesty with raspberry, strawberry, and spice followed by a clean finish. So stay cool with this lovely Rose and the toe tapping music of Masa Sumide.


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