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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pump It Up Music & La Vielle Ferme Rose Ventoux

It was 105o in Lincoln today. That makes the 20th day of 95o+ weather we’ve had in a row and the 7th time we’ve hit the century mark in the last two weeks. It makes it difficult to want to do anything, let alone head off for work on a Monday knowing the temperature’s gonna make Hell look like the North Pole. So to motivate and pump you up for the week, I’ve assembled a collection of my favorite “Pump-Up songs. 

What do I mean by a pump-up song? It’s a song you want to listen to when you’re in the gym and feeling the strain of lifting weights or running on a treadmill or cross trainer. It’s a song that keeps you going when you’re out on a 5 mile run in the heat. It’s a song when you’re traveling cross-country and need a boost to stay awake. And it’s a song when your job sucks and you need something to get you through the drudgery, i.e. I’ve had some really sucking experiences at my job lately and as I listened to my Pandora channels, on two consecutive mornings, AC/DC’s Highway to Hell came on. Ironic? 

These are songs that you crank, that you tap your toes, or feel your body sway to the music. One of my all time favorites is Dire Strait’s Money for Nothing, but all of these will get you going. One caution, be careful if you listen while driving as the next thing you know, you’re 25 over the speed limit and there are flashing blue and red lights in your rearview mirror. Pump it up!

ZZ Top:


Sweet Emotion:

Rock you like a hurricane:



Van Halen:


Joe Satriani:

Eric Johnson:

Stevie Ray Vaugh:

Led Zepplin:

Dire Straits:

The weather begs the question, “Why does anyone live in Nebraska?” My wife and I have asked that question a lot lately. Maybe it’s time to move to cooler climes. But when it’s this hot, it calls for something refreshing, like a 2011 La Vielle Ferme Rose Ventoux, Rhone Valley ($10.00). It’s produced by the Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel fame. It’s a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. Beautiful strawberry pink color with aromas of strawberries and cherries that follow on the palate. It’s a very rich, balanced wine that refreshes on a hot summer evening (it’s still above 100 as I write this at 7:15 PM). So grab a bottle and hit the floor with some great music. In fact, play it while you’re getting ready for work tomorrow morning. Anything to get you going! Enjoy!


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Rick Daley said...

Good set. Here are a couple of my favorites from my running playlist"

"Where is the Next One Coming From" by Buddy Guy

"One of These Days" by Pink Floyd

"Sober" by Tool

"Steam" by Peter Gabriel...preferably the live track from The Secret World Tour. Go Tony Levin!