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Monday, June 18, 2012

Electric Blues Guitar Mix & a nice summer wine from Trader Joe's

It is stinking hot here in Lincoln. Temperatures are 100+ with the kind of humidity that makes you feel like a self-basting turkey. So, since I did an acoustic guitar mix last week, I think tonight we’ll go electric focusing on some of my all time favorite guitar songs, including a couple from up-and-comers Andrew Winton and Davy Knowles. David Gilmore plays THE most tasteful leads I’ve ever heard. Eric Clapton is peerless at the blues. When I saw Albert Lee doing “I’m going Home” in concert, I was blown away. I’ve chosen some of Jimmy Page’s more bluesy numbers with the exception of Stairway, which if you’re a guitarist and can’t play it, then you’re really not a guitarist. Went with more blues from Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter. Is there a trend here? Hmm, might as well complete the trend with a little Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and Eric Johnson. Enjoy!

David Gilmore/Pink Floyd
Another Brick in the Wall:

Eric Clapton

Albert Lee

Jimmy Page

Jeff Beck

Johnny winter

Joe Bonamassa

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Eric Johnson

Larry Carlton

Robben Ford

Andrew Winton

Jeff Healy

Davy Knowles

 Although I am a wine lover, I ain’t no snob. I try to blog about what tastes good and, of course, is affordable. To really put that to the test I want to review a great summer sipper/quaffer, Dr. Beckermann’s Piesporter Michelsberg…from Trader Joe’s. It’s a steal at $6.00. It’s semi-sweet with a floral nose. Honey, apples, and lemon come through on the palate with a slight bit of fizz. Very nice for sipping on a warm summer evening. And as a dining tip, Piesporter Michelsbergs, Rieslings, and Gewurztraminers go great with spicy food. So, while you’re at Trader Joe’s picking up this wine, don’t forget the stuffed jalapenos!


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Rick Daley said...

I was listening to David Gilmour's second solo in Dogs when I clicked this in my Google Reader. The lyrical beauty of his solos is unparalleled. Few can make a guitar speak with such a distinctive voice.

I'm going to see "The Wall" on July 9, can't wait. I heard Roger Waters in an interview talking about how much they focused on making the guitars sound just like the album, treating it like a classical composition.

Listening through the rest of the mix now...