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Monday, January 2, 2012

Peter Luha & Laurent Riverdy Sancerre

Peter Luha is a 37 year old guitarist from Slovakia with one of the most diverse styles I’ve ever heard. Of course that’s probably a product of his influences that  include Deep Purple, Van Halen, the Beatles, Queen, Guthrie Govan, Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Tommy Emmanuel, and Victor Wooten. He plays play a number of instruments including bass guitar, which is apparent in the first song, Slap. But don’t miss the sweep picking workshop video. Malmsteen, move over! I’ve tried to give a representation of his range of styles below, including funk, jazz, and classical selections. Of course, as a former bassist, Slap and Jump to Spain are my favorites. Enjoy!

Sweep picking workshop ala Malmsteen:
Midnight Atelier in Paris:

I love Sauvignon Blancs, especially Sancerres. The latter can be a bit pricey, so imaging my surprise when perusing the wine offerings at Trader Joe’s, I found a Sancerre from Laurent Reverdy for $13.00. I figured at that price I couldn’t go wrong and I was pleasantly surprised. This is not a special occasion wine, rather it’s a Tuesday-night-quaffer. It’s light golden colored with aromas of lemon and fresh grass. The palate has more citrus with a bit of white pepper. It’s tart, but with a balanced finish. It isn't nearly as interesting as some of the higher priced Sancerres that I’ve had, lacking the subtlety and depth that this varietal is capable of showing, but still, given its price, it's hard not to appreciate it for what it is: Great mid-week sipping. Enjoy!


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Rick Daley said...

Great stuff! The slapping tunes are my favorites, too. I also like the Rondo ala Turka, I learned that on guitar last summer.