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Monday, January 30, 2012

Daryl Kellie & Chad Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

If I had to describe Daryl Kellie in one word, it would be smooth. He is one of the finest acoustic guitarists around, and cites a diverse group of influences from Metallica to Coltrane, and his percussive style is very polished and unique.
He started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and was completely self-taught until, at the age of 15, his school music teacher arranged free guitar lessons for him. Through formal teaching, he learned music theory and proper guitar technique.
As any professional knows, nothing beats playing publically in jam sessions for honing your chops. Daryl seized every opportunity he could find and had the opportunity to jam or attend teaching sessions with several well known guitarists, including jazz great Martin Taylor.
Beginning in 2006, he worked as a session guitarist and bassist with a few different groups. Daryl’s experiments with percussive techniques began in 2008 and he is one of the most proficient guitar “drummers” I’ve heard. Many of the songs I’ve included below are unique. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guitarist do a Beyonce number but Daryl performs “Put A Ring On It” admirably, although he can’t dance as well as Beyonce.  Then again, she can’t handle a guitar like Daryl.  Also, don’t miss his work on a unique 10-string guitar. One of my favorite numbers, however, is his smoky rendition of “Those Shoes.” Hope you enjoy his music.

Since I described Daryl’s style as smooth, it’s only fair that I pair him with a similar wine. So, I recommend a 2009 Chad Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. I’ve had his Cabernet before and loved it, so when I saw the reserve I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I was right. The wine is deep purple with a wonderful bouquet of raspberry and currents. Dark fruit and rich cassis dominate the palate with just the right amount of tannin. I recommend you let it air for about an hour before drinking, although once the aroma hits your nose, that may be difficult. If you can hold off, you’ll be sipping an incredibly smooth elixir that pairs perfectly with the music of Daryl Kellie.


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