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The Death Whisperer Series
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stefano Barbati & Verdemar Albarino

Stefano Barbati is an Italian guitarist with an eclectic repertoire that includes rock, Mediterranean, Brazilian, and blues with a touch of the classical thrown in for good measure. Rarely have I heard “Sunshine of Your Love”, the Rolling Stone’s “Miss You”, or multiple Jimi Hendrix tunes played back to back with selections like Isla Negra by a solo acoustic guitarist.  He was born in Lanciano in 1973 and initially started out as blues-rock guitarist. His switch to acoustic came after listening to Michael Hedges, Franco Morone, and Tuck Andress. He has played at a number of guitar festivals, including Healdsburg Guitar Festival in the U.S. Hope you like him.

Indian summer here in Nebraska with temperatures back in the 70s so I’m pairing Stefano with a Verdemar Albarino, from the Rias Biaxas in Spain. Albarino is a Spanish grape that yields wines with similarities to Sauvignon Blanc yet different. The Verdemar has similar citrus aromas and tastes to a Sauv, but not as strong. The finish is long, clean, and stony. It has a richer, fuller mouthfeel than most Sauvs. I’ve often heard Albarino’s described as having flavors of lychees, which I’ve now discovered taste like a cross between a grape and a pear. Good description. Enjoy a fine wine and a great guitarist as you while away the waning days of autumn. Enjoy!


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