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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Monte Montgomery & Gilles Gelin Fleurie Beaujolais

Prepare to have your mind blown by tonight’s featured guitarist. Monte Montgomery was on Guitar Player magazine's 2004 list of "The Top 50 All-Time Greatest Guitarists. He has also won the "Best Acoustic Guitar Player" award at the SXSW Festival’s Austin Music Awards seven years in a row (1998–2004), the only artist to have ever done so.

His unique combination of finger and flat picking, blazing single note runs,  all combined with an amazing chordal sense of harmony sets him off as one of those rare stratospheric guitarists. And if that isn’t enough, his soulful voice drives his music over the edge.

Born August 11, 19666, he grew up in Birmingham, AL, but moved to Texas at the age of 12. In 1999, when Austin City Limits producer Terry Lickona invited him on the show, he introduced him by simply saying, “Monte Montgomery blows people away.” Prepare to have your mind blown. Enjoy!

Could’ve loved you forever:

With a super guitarist like Montgomery, we need a super wine, so I recommend a 2009 Gilles Gelin Fleurie ($14.00). This is a classic French Beaujolais with a nose of red berries and spice and a juicy yet restrained berry sweetness on the palate. It has a firm mouth feel with an excellent balance of acid and tannin. Beaujolais is one of my favorite fun wines and this is one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Paired with one of the best acoustic guitarists I’ve ever heard, it makes for an incredible way to get an early start on the weekend.



Rick Daley said...

He makes it look effortless...

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There are only a few men who can efficiently deal with it right!