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Monday, August 8, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman & Veladora Sauvignon Blanc

Today is my 35th wedding anniversary and in honor of that, I’m featuring one our favorite songwriter/singer/guitarists.  Born November 21, 1962, Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the leading singer/songwriters in contemporary Christian music today. He’s also a heck of a guitarist. He started his career in the late 80s and since then has won five Grammys, and 56 Gospel Association Dove Awards including seven “Artist of the Year” awards, a record for the association. More importantly, to me at least, is his character and the fact that he and his family have weathered some hard times. Three years ago, his son, Caleb (the second guitarist in the “Lord of the Dance” video below), pulled the family car into their driveway. His little sister, Maria, was excited to see her brother that she ran to the car to meet him. Tragically, she crossed in front of the car where Caleb could not see her and she was killed in the accident. Imagine for a moment how a parent might feel. Not only did they have to mourn the loss of their youngest daughter, but also had to re-instill confidence into their son who, I’m sure, was devastated by the events. Read Steven’s account of his family’s progress at .

He’s an amazing guitarist to boot.  Try playing his chord progressions some time and see if you don’t end up with cramps. Enjoy!

I’m pairing Steven with the wine my wife and I drank to celebrate our anniversary, a 2010 Orin-Swift Veladora Sauvignon Blanc ($25.00). Rarely do I like California Sauvignon Blancs. They tend to be bitter, at least to my taste buds. I much prefer a New Zealand version or a French Sancerre. However, the Veladora is the first California Sauvignon Blanc that I really, really enjoyed. Its bouquet is expansive and brings back memories of my grandmother’s gooseberry bushes, augmented by grass, figs, lemon, and citrus. It’s very complex and fresh.

The palate is slightly sweet with exceptional minerality, almost effervesant. It’s completed by the tastes of gooseberries, peaches, and figs, with a faint spiciness. This is by far the best California Sauvignon Blanc I’ve tasted. It compliments the music of Steven Curtis Chapman beautifully. Happy 35th anniversary to the love of my life, Sandy. Love you!



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