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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blues Saraceno & Benoni Pinot Noir

Blues Saraceno is an American rock guitarist, composer, and music producer who currently resides in Los Angeles California. Saraceno was a first call guitar sideman and session musician, most often recognized from his time playing w/Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker as well as his brief tenure with the band Poison. Saraceno's early success in the music industry eventually blossomed into a career in producing and composing for television and film.
As a child he was surrounded by music and often credits his parents, both of whom were musicians, this for his initial interest in becoming a professional musician. He started to play guitar at the age of nine, but didn't take it seriously until the age of thirteen, when a fall from a go cart resulted in a broken elbow. Saraceno asked the doctor to position the cast so that he could remove it from his sling and practice guitar during his recovery period.
His professional career began one week after his 16th birthday when his manager sent a demo tape to Michael Bolton who decided to enlist Blues' guitar skills on a Cher song. That late night session which included songwriter Desmond Child resulted in a release on Cher's "Heart of Stone" record. Word quickly spread and other producers soon followed suit.
His success landed him an audition with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker in New York City. Despite blowing the amp up during the audition, Saraceno was offered the gig. After two successful US tours Saraceno was quickly becoming referred to as the "kid that replaced Eric Clapton". After another year of overseas touring, Baker departed and was replaced by Simon Phillips (Who, Toto) and eventually Gary Husband (Level 42). In 1994 Saraceno left Jack Bruce to fill in as lead guitarist and songwriter for the band Poison after guitarist Richie Kotzen was fired. After a short overseas tour, Saraceno's playing was recorded for the Poison album Crack a Smile.
In 2000, he founded the band Transmission OK, which served as a platform to showcase his lead vocal abilities and songwriting skills as well as demonstrate a lot of the recording techniques that he had picked up over the years of doing sessions. Transmission OK offered the opportunity for Blues to step out from under the "guitar hero' moniker and started his venture into the world of record producing. Still, he’s a heck of a guitarist and I hope you enjoy him.
I’ll pairing Blues with a 2010 Benoni Pinot Noir ($20.00), one of the best Pinot’s I’ve tasted in recent years. So good, in fact, that I order four more bottles. Its nose explodes with raspberries and wild cherries. Rich core of cherries, raspberries and a hint of vanilla. Very persistent finish. A perfect match for Saraceno’s blues and a warm summer night. Enjoy!

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