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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tim Bowman and Miro Zinfandel

It’s college basketball season and in my house, we can get rather wound up over our favorite teams, the Kansas Jayhawks and the Wisconsin Badgers. So, to decompress after an exciting game, I’m featuring the music of Tim Bowman, one of my favorite smooth jazz guitarists. Born in Detroit on April 22, 1959, he was raised in a traditional black church denomination where, oddly enough, secular music was frowned upon. Tim got hooked on guitar through a guitarist in his church. Initially he was self-taught, but later was awarded a two year scholarship to the Detroit Music School. One of Bowman's mentors was Joe LeDuca who was the music producer for the "Xena: the Warrior Princess" TV series.

In May 1996 Bowman printed up 2,000 copies of his initial CD and started promoting the album around Detroit. The city's smooth jazz radio station WJZZ started playing four tracks concurrently and in five weeks one thousand copies of the CD sold on consignment through the local record shacks. If you like what you hear, pick up his new CD “Smile.” Enjoy!

Summer Groove:

Dubai International Jazz Festival:

Sweet Sundays:

Soul Dream:


All I Need Is You:

I’ll Be There:

Table For Two:

Motor City Shuffle:

High Def:

Sweet Sundays:


Mr. B.:

I need a bold wine to go with the sounds of Tim’s music, so I recommend a 2008 Miro Zinfandel ($22.00). It’s dark purple with a ruby edge. The aromas of cherry, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper combine with blackberry and blueberry to greet the nose. The Miro Zinfandel is a big, bold wine with blackberries and blueberries flooding the palate followed by strawberry, red raspberry, red currants, and a touch of cinnamon with a long, mouth-coating finish. It’s a fabulous Zinfandel that perfectly compliments the smooth sounds of Tim Bowman. Enjoy!


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