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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harry Sacksioni & Peter Lehmann Chardonnay

One of the inconveniences of international travel is that your biological clock gets really screwed up. So here it is, 4:00 AM in Amsterdam and after hitting the sack at 9:30 following a long but excellent series of business meetings, I find myself wide awake with 4 hours before meeting my traveling associates for breakfast. What to do? Well, why not explore the world of Dutch guitarists, and I found a good one.

Harry Sacksioni’s guitar career began as a nearly self-taught musician. He developed an idiosyncratic style of playing melody, harmony, and an independent bass line simultaneously, much like Adam Rafferty, one of my favorite American guitarists. He cut his first album in 1974 and it apparently became a huge seller in the Netherlands and Belgium, helping to gain him public of his special talent. His career now includes 25 CDs and records, many of which achieved gold status. In 1994 he received the Edison award, Holland’s highest musical honor, for his CD, “Who's Pulling the Strings.” As you will hear from the music I’ve included, he is a phenomenal guitarist with a sense of melody and technique that fuse into a truly unique style. Do not miss his arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s I wish. It’s remarkable. Enjoy!

The Hitchhiker:



Killer Queen:

Blue Moon:

Le Chanson:


Urban Dance:


De Jacht:

Walk Over:

Ali’s Shuffle:

Here Comes The Sun:



I Wish:

And to go with Harry’s music, I suggest a 2008 Chardonnay from Peter Lehmann. I’m not a particular fan of California Chards as I don’t care for the buttery taste characteristic of most of them. However, Peter Lehmann’s version is more French style with a pale gold color and aromas of citrus and juicy fruit. It’s tart and jazzy, filled with lemon, white peaches, and none of the heavy oak or butter that I can do without. Not terribly complex, but a good wine for drinking while you contemplate the early hour listening to some great guitar music. Enjoy!


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