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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mick Taylor and Montecillo Verdemar Albarino

Mick Taylor hit the music world as the guitarist for John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers from 1966-1969. He was 17 years old when he joined the Bluesbreakers. Interestigly, he got the Bluesbreakers gig when he went to see them during Eric Clapton’s tenure as their lead guitarist, and when Clapton didn’t show up, Mick approached Mayall about filling in. Mayall agreed and a year later called Taylor to take the place of Pete Green who had resigned from the group. When Brian Jones left the Rolling Stones in 1974, Mick Jagger asked Mayall’s advice about a replacement guitarist, and he immediately recommended Mick. Taylor left Mayall to join the Stones and played with them until 1974 at the age of 25. Taylor was noted for his smooth lyrical touch and tone which contrasted with Keith Richards's jagged and cutting technique. Mick excels at playing the slow blues, one of the most demanding forms of the genre as it requires both crying notes and lightning fast arpeggios. Hope you enjoy him.

Live in Munich:

Blues in the morning:

Driving sideways:


Stop breaking down:

Baby what you want me to do:

I was born in Chicago:

I’m a blues man:

Mama Lion:

Sweet home Chicago:

I wonder why:

Laudromat blues:

It was 60 degrees in Lincoln today, which teased me into remembering summer. So I’m pairing Mick with a 2009 Montecillo Verdemar Albarino ($10.00). Albarino is a Spanish grape that is often compared to Sauvignon Blanc. This version is everything an Albarino is supposed to be. Pale yellow tinged with green, a nose full of apple, pear, grapefruit, and pinapple, with a taste echoing the fruit. It has a rich mouth feel, different than a Sauvignon Blanc and a long clean finish. Very nice for recalling the days of summer…which is all I can do as currently the temperature has plummeted to 21 degrees. Ah well, memories. Enjoy!


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