The Death Whisperer Series

The Death Whisperer Series
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Howe, Wooten, Chambers, & Caron & Saldo Zin

New Years Eve 2010 and for my last post, I’m featuring the bass guitar and two of the smoothest groups out there. Don’t need to say anything else except happy listening.

Howe, Wooten, & Chambers



Lucky 7:


Crack it way open:

Birdseye view:

Alain Caron

Slam the clown:

Turkey loose on the kit:

Freedom jazz dance:

Fat Cat:

Ink Illusion:


The last wine of the year is a 2009 Saldo Zinfandel from Orin Swift. It’s rich, ripe, and full-bodied, with aromas of black cherry and plum. The tannins are soft but the wine has an enormous mid-palate. Flavors of blackberry, spice, and black cherry predominate. A bit bitter on the finish. Goes great with the low end featured above. Happy New Year!


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