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Friday, May 21, 2010

Peter Finger & For Love Or Money Semillon

It’s been a loooonnnggg week and I need to relax, so tonight I’ve got a marvelous guitarist for you. Peter Finger was born in Weimar, Germany. He began playing the violin at the age of six and the guitar at thirteen. In 1988, he established both his own music publishing company and the Acoustic Music Records label and has produced dozens of artists. He’s won numerous awards for both his compositions and his playing. His musical style combines elements that cross several genres but leans toward a modern classical style. His combination of open tunings with the use of metal finger picks gives him a unique ringing tone. Hope you enjoy him!

Niemandsland: Very nice single note work. Haunting melody.

Vive la vie: Beautiful composition reminiscent of a Parisian café.

Getaway: Very fast finger work and a nice groove to it.

Dream Dancer: Mysterious sounding.

Spice of Life:

Come to my window:

Open strings:


Il Était Une Fois:

Guitar des Lespoir:

With AKI:

I was recently in Washington, D.C. and had dinner at Old Ebbits Grill, a place with wonderful food (try the crabcakes), and excellent value, especially for this city. But make sure you make a reservation. Instead of dessert, I decided to try a glass of a 2005 "For Love or Money" Two Hands Cane cut Semillon from the Barossa Valley, Australia. Semillons are sweet dessert wines with concentrated flavors. This particular version is made from Semillon grapes that have their canes cut when the flavor is ripe and are then left to slowly dehydrate on the vine. The result is a powerful, seductive dessert elixir. It’s golden in color with fragrant aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine, and tropical fruits. It’s rich on the palate with spiced honey, concentrated apple, peach, apricot, and caramel with a clean persistent finish. I did a bit of research on it back at my hotel and found that Wine Advocate gave it a 96 rating. A glass at Old Ebbits was $12.00 which is a good way to try a wine of this caliber as it ranges between $40.00-$50.00 in stores. But it’s a great wine for sipping and forgetting the cares of the week and it’s classic style melds perfectly with Peter Finger. Enjoy!


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