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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jimmy Wahlsteen & Clos du Bois Shiraz

I found Jimmy Wahlsteen while surfing YouTube for new guitarists. Googling him doesn’t give much background information but he apparently made his name as a session musician in Sweden. His guitar playing employs some interesting tunings and his own brand of fingerpicking. He has a new CD out on CandyRat records entitled 181st. What I do know is he’s a fine guitarist. Check it out:
Rapid eye movement:

181st song:

Shifts of attention:


Carry Me:

It’s your favorite:

The urge to gossip:


Streets of London:

Suffice to Say:

Spring is in full bloom here in Nebraska. Lilacs fill the air with a sweet perfume and my back yard is full of lilies of the valley. Quite the aromatic combination. Since there’s still a bit of chill in the evening, though, I like to put on a light sweater and sit on the deck enjoying a glass of wine while I watch the stars. The 2006 Clos du Bois Shiraz ($9.00) is one of my favorite cheap wines. It’s made like a typical Australian Shiraz, dark purple in color and full of the jammy aroma of blackberries and raspberries. The berries come bursting through on the palate accompanied by spicy black pepper and it leaves an enjoyable tang in the mouth on the finish. Excellent for sipping on a cool spring night while you listen to Jimmy. Enjoy!


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