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The Death Whisperer Series
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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Da funk and Sangiovese

I’m a little late for 2009, but what the heck. My first review of 2010 will be a review of bass players I loved in 2009…not that I still don’t love them. And to go with da funk, how about a 2007 Sangiovese Di Majo Norante. It’s a delicious, full-bodied wine that compliments the low end (and is especially good with pizza). The grape is the same used in Chianti, but this is a bit more delicate with a bouquet of berries and violets, deep red color, and a fruity palate that’s smooth and juicy. Nice, long, polished finish. Wine Advocate gave it a 90 and I concur, especially since I only paid $12.00. Now it’s time to get down! Happy New year!

Jeff Berlin:
Bebop solo:
Tears in Heaven:
Bass Logic:
With Frank Gambale:

Mark King:
Mr. Pink:
The Chinese Way:

Billy Sheehan
Crazy Solo:
Sheehan + Vai:
G3 solo:

Alain Caron:
Slap solo:
Ink Illusion:

Jaco Pastorius
Teen town:
Black Market:

Dominique di Piazza
With John McLaughlin: 
New Rumba:

Rocco Prestia
Only so much oil on the ground: 
At bass day:

Victor Wooten
U can’t hold no groove: 
Solo & amazing Grace:

Stanley Clarke
School days:
Hot Fun: 

Jack Bruce:
Never tell your mother she’s out of tune:
Sunshine of your love:


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