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Sunday, December 27, 2009

B&B and Bruce Cockburn

Have I mentioned how much I hate winter? If not, let me tell you, I HATE WINTER! Got back late last night from Chicago driving through a blizzard and tunnels carved through eight-foot snow drifts by some massive machine. Thank God for four-wheel drive. A trip that normally takes eight hours took twelve and I reached Omaha only to find that I-80 had been closed. Fortunately, my family and I stopped for dinner and while searching for a hotel through my iPhone, I saw that I-80 had just reopened. So we crept home at 35 mph on a highway whose speed limit is seventy-five. It took another two hours and I was able to power through the deep snow of our subdivision and get into the garage. Once again, I HATE WINTER!

Be that as it may, this being the last week of 2009, I will be doing a review of the year: one blog on acoustic guitarists, one of electric, and, of course, a bass guitar review. But today, one last review of an old favorite of mine. I like him for his sense of melody and lyric as well as his guitar work.

Bruce Cockburn is a sixty-four year old Canadian singer/guitarist/song writer. He studied at Berklee in early to mid-1960’s and although he started out playing in various bands, went solo in 1968 and has been playing alone since then. He’s released thirty-three studio CD’s/albums of his music over the years of his career. He is an outstanding guitarist and a poignant lyricist with a style ranging from 1960’s-folk to jazz-influenced rock to blues. His songs have been performed by the likes of Dan Fogelberg, Bare Naked Ladies, and even U2. For those of you who are techies, he’s been a long time patron of Linda Manzer guitars. His career is too long to document here so I’ll let his music speak for itself.
Interview & style:

Humla Meditation:

The last night of the world:

If I had a Rocket Launcher:

One minute guitar lesson:

Lovers in a dangerous time:

Down on the Delta:

Call it democracy:

Live down to the Delta:

Get up Jonah:

Child of the Wind:

Soul of a man:

And since it’s stinking cold outside and the snow is up to my window sills, let’s skip the wine and go for something a bit warmer: Benedictine and Brandy or B&B. It’s a soul-warming combination of brandy and Benedictine liqueur. Those must have been very happy monks at the Benedictine Abbey in France. Has a taste of honey with a kick. It’s absolutely my favorite for sipping by the fire. It’s about $30-$35.00 a bottle but it lasts a long time. Pour two fingers into a small brandy snifter, settle back, rent a movie, and wait for your snow service to shovel you out. Enjoy!


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