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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bernhoft & Miro Cuvee Sasha

Jarle Bernhoft (born on June 27, 1976), also known as Bernhoft, is a Norwegian looper. I stumbled upon him when I did the blog on loopers and he is a true find. He originally hails from Nittedal, Norway, but makes his home in Oslo. As a child, he performed with the Norwegian Opera where he began developing his vocal skills. In the mid-90s, he joined a four-piece alternative rock band, Explicit Lyrics that later changed its name to Span. Span landed a deal with London’s Island records and released a single album before breaking up on 2005. After the band’s breakup, Bernhoft decided to go solo and revamp his act taking stripped down one-man-band based on his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and his new-found skill at looping tracks in real time on stage.

Largely on the strength of his looping-enhanced live show, Bernhoft racked up 250,000 sales of Solidarity Breaks,  his most recent solo-release and earned more than three million views for “C’Mon Talk” (a link is below), a beatbox-infused, acoustic-guitar-laced single that Bernhoft performed during his September 2011 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With his irresistibly of-the-moment approach to classic R&B and soul, Bernhoft also nabbed the Best Artist and Best Male Artist of the Year awards at the 2012 Spellemannprisen, which are the equivalent to the GRAMMYs in Norway. 

Wielding his loop station to weave in layers of harmony—and showing off his formidable beatboxing skills along with his remarkable vocal range—Bernhoft ends up creating a live experience that’s both breathtakingly intricate and intensely warm in its simplicity. He’s a gem!

Ever since I was a little kid:
The moon is a harsh mistress:

Like Bernhoft, tonight’s wine is also a true find, especially since it’s name is shared with the chief protagonist in my recent novel, “An Impolitic Solution.” Just as the Sasha of my novels is a killer, so is this wine. The 2011 Miro Cuvée Sasha is a dark ruby blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre and although it’s from California, it has all the characteristics of some of my fav’s from the southern Rhone of France. Its aromas are filled with strawberries, cranberries sauce, and Herbs de Provence just like a southern Rhone. The taste echoes the nose adding blueberries and a touch of peppery spice and finishes dry and smooth with silky tannins. At $18.00 a bottle, it’s also the bargain of the year. So grab a bottle and enjoy two of the best finds of the year.


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